Helix Skin Tightening Serum

Age can bring you down, quite literally, as the biodynamic properties of the skin such as elasticity, firmness and tonicity degrade over time, the skin starts to slacken and sag.>

Thanks to marvels of nature and scientific advances, Lonsdaleite’s Helix Skin Tightening Serum is and incredible formula that uses the skin tightening properties of Acacia Gum in cooperation with the skin reparative wonders of Snail Mucin to provide you with an age defying, skin lifting masterpiece.

When it comes to slowing things down, like aging, it’s fitting that the common garden snail possess some of the finest anti-aging, moisturizing and reparative properties required to accomplish this task. Combined with the instant lifting benefits of and Acacia Gum Biopolymer blend, the results is visible immediately.


  • Tightens and smoothes the skin
  • Increase fibroblasts and stimulates cellular growth
  • Rearranges the skin’s extracellular matrix for a smoother appearance
  • Increases skin elasticity, density and volume
  • Helps reduce damage caused by free radicals


Morning and Evening. Apply 2 to 3 drops at a time, then gently massage into skin.


To get the skin lifting and tightening effect, a Polymer ingredient is added to form a thin network on the surface of the skin. As the product dries, the Polymer retracts, lifting and smoothing the skin as the film tightens.

This remarkable ingredient is a safe and effective blend of Acacia Gum obtained from the stem and branches of the African Acacia Tree and a Biopolymer produced by a microorganism living in plant roots.

Snail Mucin is a novel yet, incredibly effective anti-aging ingredient. The moisturizing and regenerative benefits of Snail Mucin were initially observed while snails were being handled by their escargot culinary value. Snail breeders noticed that their hands were always superbly moisturized and soft. Nicks, scrapes and cuts would also heal rapidly and scar free.


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Acacia Gum obtained from the African Acacia Tree is mixed with a biopolymer to lift and tighten the skin.

Snail handlers observed excellent moisturized and healthy hands after working with snails.

Snails bubble their mucin to heal and protect themselves.